Lion Maru G (2006) Episode 1-13 END RAW [BATCH]

Synopsis :

In 2011, a wave of violent crime in the red-light district of Tokyo is being caused by a new contact lens drug called “Skull Eyes”, enabling people to become superhumans called Kabukimono.
Shishimaru is an Unlucky everyday dude eking out a living in Neo-Kabuki-Cho as a ‘host’ in an exclusive club, who gets unwittingly wrapped up in the predominant gang violence in the city. An old man tells him that this was no accident, and hands him the legendary sword Kinsachi, explaining his true destiny as the next Lion Maru. And if that wasn’t enough to take in all at once, someone out there’s got the only weapon equal to its power, the Ginsachi, meaning that Shishimaru is in for at least one fight for his life…

Information :
Japanese Title: (ライオン丸G Raionmaru Jī Genre: Season: Episode: 13 Episodes Subtitle: Aired: October 1, 2006 - November 24, 2006 Duration: 25 mins Score: 7.0

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