Kamen Rider Build Original Drama – Rogue 1-3 END EngSub [BATCH]

Synopsis :

Rogue is included as part of the Blu-ray releases of Kamen Rider Build. It comprises three episodes and is a side story focusing on Gentoku Himuro. The first episode takes place three years prior to the main series, and the second and final episodes take place after Episode 20.

    • Night Rogue Rises
    • Dark Night Fall
    • Kamen Rider Rogue
Information :
Japanese Title: - Genre: Season: Episode: 3 Episodes Subtitle: Aired: 2018 Duration: 22mins Score: -

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Kamen Rider Rogue Ep 1-3 END [BATCH]
Kamen Rider Rogue Episode 1 English Sub
Kamen Rider Rogue Episode 2 English Sub
Kamen Rider Rogue Episode 3 English Sub
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