[DVD ISO] Fuun Lion-Maru / Lion Man (1973) Episode 1-25 END 5 Discs

Synopsis :

Fuun Lion-Maru (風雲ライオン丸 Fūun Raionmaru, lit. Storm Cloud Lion Maru), known as Lion-Man outside Japan, was a tokusatsu series that aired in Japan in 1973. It was the second series in the Lion-Maru trilogy, and featured a third Maru-like character named Black Jaguar. This Lion-Maru is deemed “the Rolling Tempest Ninja Warrior.” This series was popularized in Brazil as Lion Man in 1989, the only other country besides Japan to show the 25 episodes of this series.

Information :
Japanese Title: 風雲ライオン丸 Fūun Raionmaru, Storm Cloud Lion Maru, Lion-Man Genre: Season: Episode: 25 Episodes Subtitle: Aired: 14 April 1973 – 29 September 1973 Duration: 25 mins Score: 6.9

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